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Air Conditioning Maintenance

We’re sure you’ve been around long enough to have experienced for yourself the time tested saying “You Get What You Pay For”.

You would never want to pay more than you should, but HVAC companies that do not charge at least a fair price to maintain your unit will make up the difference in some other way.

At Comfort Experts, we are committed to providing you the highest level of service while also charging you fair prices. We believe in doing business with integrity and in providing you the solutions you need. That means that we aren’t going to trump up some repairs for your HVAC system, and we aren’t going to take shortcuts to improve our profits.

We will thoroughly evaluate your home or commercial HVAC system to determine the problem, and we will present you with whatever options are available, whether that means repairing it or replacing it. The final decision will be up to you, and you will never be pressured by one of our Mesa air conditioner technicians. We’ll give you our expert opinion on the best course of action, but we’ll never try to push you into anything.

HVAC Maintenance Checklist

1. Choose the best filters and inspect them regularly. Dirty filters will block normal air flow.

2. Replace the filters every one to three months depending on dirt load. Keep the filters clean and you can save 15% on energy.

3. Clean the evaporator coils and condenser coils one or two times a year to keep them free of mold and dirt. Cleaning the coils frequently will increase energy savings dramatically.

4. Clean HVAC system of water two times a year. Water can gather around the air intake and increase mold growth.

5. Repair cabinets that are leaking air through cracks.

6. Clean damper. Dampers that work properly will keep the compressor from running when air temperatures are cooler.

7. Inspect the blower wheel, bearings, and belts two times a year. Dirty blower wheels can reduce air flow, and ultimately the life of the system. Loose belts can slip and cause cooling and heating to stop and go at various intervals. Change the drive belt annually to keep system running at peak efficiency.

8. Go through system and check all amp draws on electrical motors to make sure everything is in working order per manufacture’s specs.

Though we do charge a maintenance fee, it has never been charged with the purpose of pumping up profits. Instead, our maintenance fee is priced to keep our Gilbert HVAC technicians on the job during those months of the year when the weather is great and business is slow.

With that goal in mind, we also put a firm deadline on when we can perform maintenance on HVAC systems at a discounted rate. When the weather takes a turn, that deadline passes and we must charge our regular prices.

After the deadline, we will still do Gilbert HVAC maintenance work, but the HVAC maintenance cost is at higher rates. Please don’t be the one who puts maintenance off, or does not get it performed. Those who do this inevitably have minor repairs turn into major expenses at the busiest time of year.
Advantage Club Members receive additional discounts on emergency repairs because they help cut down on our overload of emergency work when the weather does change. We provide services in the Phoenix metro area including Mesa, South Gilbert, South Chandler and Queen Creek!


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