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Our Basic Tune Up AC Package in Mesa, Arizona, includes a thorough 20-point inspection of your air conditioning system, homeowner education and advice, and clean out services for your home AC’s condenser coil. The Basic Condenser Oil Clean Tune Up deal is designed to inform our customers on the condition of their home AC unit. At your home, we will thoroughly evaluate your AC system to ensure it is in good condition to face the harsh upcoming Arizona summer temperatures.

These high-quality air conditioning services typically market priced at a $120 value for homes in Phoenix, Arizona, but these valuable AC maintenance services in Mesa are being offered by Comfort Experts professional technicians for a low-cost $60 per AC system for a limited time.

Be sure not to wait until the end of the hot season to have an expert AC technician check your system, as a large majority of Arizona AC companies raise their prices after summer due to demand changes.


Our Full Tune Up option includes a number of valuable services, such as a valuable 20-point inspection, full condenser coil cleaning, and a Honeywell 6000 programmable thermostat. If you are looking for ways to save money during the long Arizona summer months, installing an upgraded programmable thermostat is a great way to save on your overall electric bill. The top-quality Honeywell 6000 Programmable Thermostat is one of the easiest thermostats on the market to use, and it will provide a number of benefits for your Arizona home.

Along with a full AC inspection and condition evaluation, our expert technicians will clean your condenser coil and provide full installation for your new programmable thermostat. We also offer a vast inventory of other thermostat brands and types to choose from that offer sought after WiFi capabilities.

These combined Gilbert air conditioning services and products are market-valued at a costly $335.00, but the technicians at Comfort Experts are offering these services for only $190 per system.


Our most valuable Premium Tune Up Special includes an extensive 30-point AC unit inspection to ensure your air conditioning is in top shape to face the triple-digit temperatures in the hot Arizona climate. This premium package includes a variety of valuable services, such as:

  • Dual Pole Contactor
  • Dual Run Cap
  • Condenser Fan Motor
  • Run Capacitor for Blower Motors
  • Condenser Coil Cleaning
  • Condensate Line Blow Out
  • Condensate Drain Union Fitting

If your air conditioning unit is at least 8 year old or is out of warranty, the premium package is a great choice to prolong the life the AC system in your Arizona home. The many air conditioning parts replaced in this premium package are the most common AC components likely to need costly repairs and can cause damage to your overall AC unit system if left unchecked.

These air conditioning materials and labor services usually total to an overall $1,380.89 value; however, for a limited time, our team of professional and experienced AC technicians are offering all of these services for a low $690 per system!

In addition to this great deal, all of our HVAC products and labor services come with a generous two-year warranty.

AC System Tune Up Special Arizona

Right now, Comfort Experts is offering three different Air Conditioning system checkup and tune up service deals. Everyone is in a different situation with their Arizona home. Some homeowners living in newer residential properties simply need to have their air conditioner systems inspected and checked for regular maintenance needs before the hot summer months arrive.

On the other hand, Arizona residents living in older homes with the original AC system may not be receiving the highest quality air conditioning needed to face the hot temperatures of Arizona. In this case, your air conditioner unit may be in need of regular tune-ups and part replacements to get the most out of your AC before the need of full system replacements, energy-efficient system upgrades, or costly repairs.


Comfort Experts Air Conditioning & Heating specializes in all HVAC-related services. We excel at honest and affordable AC Service & Repair.

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